Hearing Ghosts : a project
An exhibition space donning the appearance of an unoccupied hotel room...
Traces of its imaginary inhabitants can be overheard as sound emanates from the rooms' furnishings.
Desk, chair, table and bed become narrators revealing traces of another world, another time, and perhaps, other people.

Hearing Ghosts is a collaborative installation where sound work is diffused through the furniture within the Maison Rouge. Artists have chosen specific pieces of furniture to act as transducers and filters to diffuse their work.

Hearing Ghosts investigates the notion of sound as vibratory phenomenon -an immediate sensory manifestation of an idea, feeling and/or image. Here, sound animates the inert, giving resonance to solid/static forms.

Just as art questions the environment and context in which it exists, Hearing Ghosts proposes that these multifarious sound works and the intentions behind them are also linked to the time and space in which they exist at La Maison Rouge.
Translation by Sunshine Frere